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About Corporate Watch


Corporate Watch is an independent research group. We investigate the social and environmental impacts of corporations and corporate power.

Since we began in 1996, our unique approach, encapsulated by our motto “information for action”, has had a significant influence on grassroots campaigns and social movements in the UK and beyond. Our research is a vital resource for campaigns looking to target particular companies and we are a reliable source of original and cutting-edge knowledge about the latest forms and manifestations of corporate power. We believe our focus on the structural features of corporations and the social context in which they operate is fundamental to tackling the root causes of corporate power.

Corporate Watch is a small workers' co-operative, we work non-hierarchically and share responsibility for the collective running of the organisation. Legally, Corporate Watch is registered as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, which gives us the freedom to express our political opinions. Our work includes investigative journalism, analysis and publishing.

Corporate Watch strives for a society that is truly democratic, equitable, non-exploitative and ecologically sustainable. Progress towards such a society may be achieved, in part, through dismantling the vast economic and political power that corporations have come to exert, as well as developing alternatives to the present socio-economic system.

In the current political climate of economic crisis and austerity, the detrimental effects of corporate power are being subjected to increased scrutiny by the public. With an 18 year history of corporate-critical research, Corporate Watch is in a unique position help through providing reliable information and analysis on corporations and their impact on society and the environment.

"As protests and revolts erupt across the
world – from the streets to the boardroom
the game has changed in terms of what is
politically possible. Now more than ever
research that is both independent and
prepared to be critical of corporate
behaviour is crucial. Corporate Watch has
provided a steady stream of substantiated
and hard hitting insights... with consistent 
standards of proof and a strong sense of 
Paul Mason, Journalist and Broadcaster






As well as money from subscriptions, sale of literature, and donations from supporters, Corporate Watch is also funded by grant-giving bodies, including:

The Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust


The Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust


The Garden Court Chambers Special Fund


The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust


The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust


The Network for Social Change


The Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation





The Cause of Some Confusion: By a truly extraordinary coincidence there used to be two organisations in the world known as Corporate Watch. At the same time as this Corporate Watch was restarted in 1996, a brand new web-site was set up in the USA under the same title. It is an excellent campaign resource, entirely independent of this Corporate Watch and is well worth seeing. CorpWatch (as it is now called) can be found at: www.corpwatch.org