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An open letter to HE Services (Plant Hire) LTD June 01, 2011

There have been reports that your company is providing equipment to Constant & Co for the eviction of Dale Farm. We have repeatedly called you in order to establish if this is the case, but all enquiries were directed toward your Chairman, Hugh Edleanu, who was apparently unavailable for comment.

The residents of Dale Farm are living on land that they have bought. Travellers throughout the country were encouraged to buy land to live on after the requirement for local authorities to provide caravan parks was removed. Now planning rules and re-classifying the land as green belt (the land was, in fact, being previously used as a scrap yard) are being used to justify an eviction which, having been criticised by both the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the United Nations (UN), many believe is racially motivated.

In December 2009, Bailiff firm Constant & Company were awarded the lucrative 1.9M contract for the Dale Farm eviction. The contract was awarded despite a High Court judge, having watched a video of a previous Constant eviction, saying it was "inappropriate" for Basildon Council to continue using Constant & Co.

Constant specialise in traveller and squatter evictions and have a reputation for violence, having carried out brutal evictions such as the infamous Meadowlands and Twin Oaks evictions in 2004.

Given above, Corporate Watch would like to ask you whether you still intend for your equipment to be used in the eviction of Dale Farm.

Corporate Watch

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