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A Corporate Profile

By Corporate Watch UK
Completed November 2002

Further Links, Contacts and Resources

The companyís website

The companyís website ( provides a good general source of information on DuPontís activities, although obviously the information it provides is quite selective.

Groups Campaigning on DuPont

Pesticides Action Network (PAN) UK
Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK) is an organisation working to eliminate the use of and dependence on hazardous pesticides, while encouraging sustainable and ecological alternatives.

Communities Against Toxics
PO Box 29
Ellesmere Port
CH66 3TX
Tel/Fax: 0151 339 5473

Communities Against Toxics (CATs) is an independent, community based grassroots environmental movement. It provides information and campaigns on incineration, toxic landfill, chemicals and health.

Intensive agriculture and genetically modified crops,
The ETC Group website ( contains a wealth of information on agricultural intensification and GM crops.

Useful information about the chemical industry

An excellent (and highly alarming) book on the lengths that chemical companies are prepared to go to keep their toxic products on the market is:

Fagin, D., Lavelle, M. & The Center For Public Integrity (1999) Toxic Deception: How the chemical industry manipulates science, bends the law and endangers your health, Common Courage Press, Monroe, Maine.
(available from AK Press:

A useful list of Chemical Industry Trade and Research Associations from the US based Center for Public Integrity is at available at:

Find out how the chemical industry spins, distorts, and twists the facts to suit its purposes -- and to prevent the public from finding out how dangerous their products really are, at the Environmental Working Groupís Chemical Industry Archive:

A useful archive of news articles relating to chemical companies can be found on the Business and Human Rights website at:

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